We finally got some answers

Since Lullah entered our lives I simply can not really remember a time she was fully well, But near the end of last year it reached it's peak. It seemed to start with her normal cough runny nose and belly problems which has been on going what feels like forever, it then proceeded to nights awake with her coughing until she nearly passed out and not being able to breath properly. my anxiety was so high I spent many nights on the bedroom floor at the foot of the bed with pure fear she would either choke or stop breathing. As time went on it continued to progress and now Lullah was coughing all through the day time to! including coughing up white bubble like Flem leading on to her throwing up 5-6 times a day. Every week we were seeing the GP's twice  to be told the same old shit... Viral Infection, just a cold, Throat infection (boring!). Three nights I spent holding her up asleep just so she could breath. Back to the Dr's we went I was nearly in tears saying this has been going on two months shes so poorly and I mentally can not cope with this anymore it was now making me ill its so stressful watching your child suffer and being so anxious they may just stop breathing, This Dr had no sympathy and said well other parents put up with sleepless night longer than two months, lets just say I had to leave on my own accord before the lack of sleep food and energy mother released her wrath on his overpaid arse! He clearly dismissed us and could not care less.

 The very next day lullah went blue choking on white thick mucus Flem which I had to retrieve with my finger! I had, had ENOUGH. I called the GP and demanded to see a GP which would have time for us, I explained what we had endured for the last nearly nine weeks and that I wouldn't be leaving this office until he actually worked positively with us and listened.
FINALLY a DR who listened to me who clearly didn't see me as that young over dramatic mother he could see the pain in my eyes watching my daughter become so poorly and not one person listening to me. He then referred us to our lovely nurse who is a PRO in asthma and allergy's Lullah then went through stages of tests because she was only two just turning three they are very hesitant to label them with asthma but due to her being so ill and it really effecting her health they have diagnosed her with asthma. witch was a sigh of relief but at the same time scary my child had been having asthma attacks for months and nobody gave me the time of day!

The proof is in the pudding us as parents know best if something isn't right keep fighting for it because if I hadn't persisted it could be a totally different story. Luckily that one DR believed me which has resulted in our little pops having a Brown inhaler and a Blue one, Don't ever feel stupid or crazy we are the protectors of our children and we know them best.

L x

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