Decision time with a quick brain storm.

The last few months got very tense in my life, nothing dramatic I just had a hell of a lot going on. Being a mother whilst studying and also working I found very difficult OK not just difficult emotionally painful is more what it was. Drowning in assignments with exams coming out my ears a washing pile taller than me and my children just wanting to spend time with me made it difficult to find a balance. Having said that I made it out the other side I have finished college with amazing results better than I thought I would ever achieve Im pretty proud of myself. Sadly I didn't achieve my maths and have given up pushing myself for this year, Im going to concentrate on maths for a whole year next year and let myself breath a little before throwing myself into uni.

Which brings me to the fact that my little lullah will be attending nursery school WOW she will wear a uniform and everything. The original plan was I would go to uni in September and she would stay in her private nursery which she loves, We do have many days she cries and screams not wanting to go but this comes down to separation anxiety Lullah is such a mummies girl and would be happy for me to stay with her all day everyday. So its been a big decision me not going to uni and transitioning her but I feel like its better for us both that I can be there for her everyday to reassure her I WILL becoming back and picking her up from school. Mentally and pyschically its in the best interest for us. But I feel so sad that she will be leaving her little nursery and the staff who clearly love her dearly. I can not thank the staff enough at her nursery for caring for her and making her feel loved and welcomed every day. 

I am really looking forward to this summer and can not wait for the kids to break up, we have booked our UK family holiday a proper holiday we have not been away more than 3 days for five years! I have lots planned including trying to pass my driving test YES I am taking lessons are you proud of me I have been learning for around four months now! In automatic...yes I know I have had all the lectures bout how I wont be able to drive manual cars etc but I DON'T CARE just to clear that up.

I'm hoping to keep up with my blogging bare with me as I get back into the swing of things. 

Lots of love x 

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