Sorry I have been a Little Hush

Basically the title says it all, I have been very quiet as we have had so much going on in our little lives lets start with the fact Lullah broke her toe. Wow I never knew how much that big little toe could have such an effect on our lives. Lullah cried for around three weeks straight refused to wear shoes and could not walk anywhere! Thank god she is all healed and back to her normal self!

I have started college and OMG its the hardest thing I have ever done I have cried twice already along with work and the kids house etc I am bloody exhausted, Im currently trying to find my life work college balance im slowly getting their but it really is hard. *yawn*

Im hoping to be back blogging as much as I used to now as I really don't want to loose touch with my little headspace blog. Bare with me im a work in progress x

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