Our potty training journey: My Carry Potty

When Nevaeh just turned Two she was potty trained fully within a week or so we had little blips where she had accidents but she was pretty much potty trained two weeks after her second birthday. I just knew it wasn't going to be plain sailing with lullah I had it to easy with Nevaeh. And lets just say I was correct we had a nightmare the first few days we have put it off and off as she really was not interested and wouldn't even sit on a potty and there is no way I would force her on it and traumatise her.

So when we were offered a My Carry Potty to try with her I jumped at the chance. I would give anything ago to try get this little monster sitting her little bum on the potty. When Lullah opened her my carry potty she instantly loved it our potty is cow print which she noticed straight away, so we had her carrying the potty making cow noise's for a few hours, I was just relieved she was entertaining a potty even if it was singing to it. The My Carry Potty is so light and easy to carry around it fit underneath our stroller in the basket which was perfect. A few days went by and we were still hit and miss with her actually making it to the potty in time so along with the potty we got a reward chart involved. Between the potty and the reward chart we have come such a long way and all the water works are on the potty now. We are still having bottom accidents but we are pretty much potty trained now!

I feel like the my carry potty has had a massive impact on our potty training it really has some great key features such as
  • A leak proof seal
Which was perfect for when being out and about and not having anywhere to empty the potty so no nasty leaks everywhere.
  • Secure locking mechanism
Again great for no leaking or nasty accidents especially as lullah liked to carry her potty everywhere herself
  • Non-slip feet
This one is brilliant have you ever watched a child try and sit on a potty which ends up them falling over or walking backwards pushing it along the floor it usually ends up with a puddle on the floor. This is prevented by the my carry potty non-slip feet.
  • My carry handle
The handle just makes it so easy to carry round even for little hands ours also fit over our stroller handles.
  • Large comfy seat
I did notice after lullah has sat on this toilet she does not end up with those big red circle marks on her bottom.

I'm pretty sure our potty will be used for a good while our little moo cow even got a trip to the beach this weekend, It is just so practical for everyday and makes going out whilst potty training so much easier. Its so appealing to little ones you can get them in a number of prints such as ladybird and bumblebee they are both bright coloured and have cute little face features. Something I have really loved about the carry potty is how easy it is to clean, I have been discarding the waste giving it a quick rinse with water and a wipe with a anti bac wipe, Iv found this works a treat and stops it getting smelly.

Overall we are really happy with our My Carry Potty and would say they are definitely worth the money. They are great quality and I would say you could keep it if you were planning on having more children.

 MMy Carry Potty website  where you can also find potty training tips and find out more about My Carry Potty.
cheeky rascal website where you can order your own my carry potty RRP £19.99-24.99

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