I have mentioned before about my children's fear of water and the bath, So this week being the last week before all the children split up for summer holidays I thought it would be the best time to face it head on and take lullah swimming while it was quiet and over run with crazy children running around.
So the spur of the moment at 8am I decided today was the day! This was us on the bus having giggles on snap chat, While on the bus I kept going over we are going swimming in the big pool to make her aware

So for  Lullah it was facing water and me facing being in a swimming costume for the first time in a long time. So off to primark we went I picked up a BIKINI yes that's right a two piece, A high wasted two piece which did cover past my navel. Lullah got the cutest little swim suit which she had picked her self with a little tutu around the middle.

When I put my two piece on Lullah stated 'Oh mummy you look beautiful' Even with my over hang, my cellulite dimple bum and deflated air bag boobies in her eyes I am beautiful, It made me feel great. It's living proof children love their mothers no matter what they look like they don't see your imperfections because to them you are perfect.

So we were all ready of to face the crowd in my bikini and lullah in the water I braced myself for screams,tantrums the kicking, I had planned in my head it would take her at least 20 Min's before I could convince her just to sit and put her legs in the pool. luckily we have a splash pool at our local swimming baths so starts very very shallow, I held her hand tight and walked towards the water to step in, Again bracing myself for it waiting for the pulling... but oh my gosh she went straight in no trauma, She was like (in her words) A Mermaid she even went down the slide and jumped of the side into the pool. I was gobsmacked this child not even 24 hours before was screaming int he bath crying and now she was like a fish. over and over she said oh mummy this is fun and I'm so excited. 
    While I was their I looked around at all the other mums with their children having a great time, All different shapes and sizes There was one mother who was a plus size lady who was absolutely rocking her two piece and her daughter looked at her like lullah looked at me, In love.. 

                                            This is how much fun she had asleep on the bus!

I put off taking my children swimming for so long because of body shaming myself and now I have mummy guilt for this from now on I will never let something stop me taking or doing something with my children their opinion is the only one that matters to me. 


  1. Well done to you both! I need to take the twins swimming but as you can imagine it'd be so hard on my own. I hope that on holiday next month they enjoy it and we start going x

  2. So glad this worked out well for you xxx Sounds a great mummy daughter experience x

  3. Oh bless her, a little mermaid. Children are great for showing you what matters. When Lucas looks up at me you can see the complete love and that's the most important thing, not how we think we may look x

  4. This is so sweet, I want a swimming costume with a tutu on it x

  5. Your swimming suit looks beautiful, well done for overcoming your body issues(and we all have them as mums, be reassured!) and having such a lovely time in the pool. I love what you said about our children loving us beyond our body imperfections, it is so beautifully put and so very true!

  6. Oh bless her, my lot love swimming - glad you had fun

  7. Kids say the cutest things don't they. Looks like she was worn out

  8. What a great, very wise post. Plus, a good day had by all!