butterfly world by interplay

Over the last few weeks we have had some lodgers, As we were sent butterfly world rearing kit from interplay.

The kit contained 
Pop Up Butterfly Rearing CageSmall Plastic Pot & Lid & jar coverPaint BrushInformative Guide Caterpillar Order Form
so everything you need to rear and watch your caterpillars take their journey into becoming beautiful butterflies.

                                  Here is how they started of five tiny little caterpillars

This kit really has been one of our favourites and has been something we have been able to enjoy as a family. Nevaeh was so excited about it I had her teachers telling me she had given them updates on how our little friends were doing. Both my children love insects and bugs and catch them in their own little bug catchers so they really enjoyed having these in our home, Each morning it would be the first thing they looked at to spot changes and then the last thing they would look at before bed. 

                                    The first change was them starting to turn into cocoons/chrysalis

After they had taken the cocoon/ chrysalis form we moved them into the nets waiting for them to hatch

They really were beautiful butterflies and we watched them for a few days while feeding them before setting them free

Please watch our video to get a real feel for what we got to see over the last few weeks, Sadly one of our chrysalis didn't make it as he fell and one of our caterpillars didn't turn so we let him free. Over all we have all really enjoyed having our little buggy friends with us. Its such an educational but fun experience and so easy to do! 

Id like to add the caterpillars are NOT included but you can send off for them or just the equipment to go find your own. 

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