The Fear of headlice;Tips of keeping them at bay

Since Nevaeh started nursery in 2014 then stepping up to reception the biggest fear I have is headlice/nits. It is a massive deal for me and I do everything In my power to prevent it So far s good (touch wood) we haven't had any lodgers in Nevaehs hair Yet there has been atleast three 'headlice outbreaks' in her class.

What I do to try and keep them at bay:

  • Once a week I will wash Nevaeh's Hair with tea tree based shampoo, Im not really sure weather its a old wives tale but headlice are not supposed to like tea tree products I assume its the very strong smell. oils are also supposed to give the same effect.

  • When there is an outbreak of headlice at the school I will smoother Nevaehs hair in conditioner and run a headlice comb through it section by of thos cheap chemist white combs are fine for this! The conditioner makes it hard for headlice to cling on to the hair and if done early enough you will catch them and stop the reproduction and egg laying.

  • My main tip is make sure your childs hair is up! tighter the better and plaits are brillaint, it makes a good excuse of making your little ones hair pretty. I have been trying out some new styles. I try and plait and hair spray most days. Then hairspray hairspray HAIRSPRAY! it makes it harder for the headlice to hold on to the hair and lay eggs!

Here is a new little style we tried this week:

This is so much easier than it looks watch out for my youtube video coming soon on how yo do this style!

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