My Volunteering journey

Finally my volunteering journey has started Only just mind but I'm off that starting line, I attended my first training/awareness course for one full day and to be honest it was pretty awesome and so interesting you learn things about mental ill health that I never knew existed such as that I always called it mental health; well that's incorrect its mental ILL health, Mental health is just a state of mind.

we did also get lots of yummy biscuits and unlimited amount of tea WINNER

I really feel like I have found my calling and can not wait to get fully going hopefully within the next few months i will be paired up with someone who really needs support. I want to help support and listen to these people. There are so many people suffering ill health with not a soul in the world, even if sometimes its down to themselves everyone needs a listening ear.

This to me is the start of my future for me and everything I want to achieve, It may have only been one day so far but I felt like I didn't want it to end I love learning about mental health as it is so interesting. Even if I now am analysing my friends and family for mental ill health traits! ha ha

so that's just a quick update on how its all going as have mentioned now this is what I wanted to do!


  1. Hope it goes well, with all the cuts I think it is great that we have volunteers to support as well x

  2. aaa well done you for doing something you want to! Sounds like you made the best decision for you.

  3. That's fab that you have found something that you love and that will help someone else also!

  4. This is so wonderful, good for you. Look forward to reading more about it all xx