Morrisons Nutmeg event Autumn Winter 2016

Myself and Nevaeh were lucky enough to be invited to Morrisons nutmeg AW 16 clothing launch, Nutmeg events are always great so we have been looking forward to this one for a while.
Nevaeh wore a beautiful floral tunic style dress which is actually from the Nutmeg range!

  On our walk through London from Euston myself and Nevaeh got soaked worst day ever in London the heavens truly opened. So when we walked through the door we quickly scurried off to the toilet to try salvage what we looked like which to put nicely we looked like drowned cats. In the toilets we were greeted by the cutest little baskets with baby wipes, hair brush, deodorant hand wash and even hair spray! Brilliant idea there I love little personal touches.
     Once we had sorted ourselves out we went straight in and were greeted by some lovely faces from the nutmeg team,But even more lovely was beautiful Bobbie owl who was just happy sitting on her perch. I had never been so close to an owl before and even got to stroke her. And if that wasn't exciting enough we then were taken over to a little petting area full of baby chicks rabbits and guinea pigs. To say I was in my element was an understatement, I nearly forgot the actual reason we were there The clothes!

Over the last few years I would say Nutmeg range has flourished and this years AW is by far the best designed I have seen since them being launched. Naturally having girls I was drawn to the girls clothes. The older girls range really did stand out to me, It was like mini adult fashion Nevaeh picked out this beautiful checked fur collar cape which is age 8 but I will still be purchasing as it is just stunning and even though a little big I think it still looks great on her so cosy. Other items which really stood out to me were a little black leather jacket and a burgundy chunky jumper. These were my ultimate favourites out of the whole range. Again this year Nutmeg have created the perfect Parker coats for little girls fully lined with soft wool like lining.

Nevaeh Picked out a couple of items from the younger girls section which she took a shine to such as this Burgundy pleated skirt which I also did like. she then went on to pick a lovely floral dress and some leggings. Nevaeh really loved looking at all the clothes and having the staff listen to what she really liked.

Not being a mum to boys I find it so hard to look at little boys clothes but nutmeg did have some really lovely jumpers grandad jumpers as I call them. I love seeing little boys in grandad jumpers and jeans they always look smart yet comfy.

Over all I am really impressed with the AW16 range and will for sure be purchasing when it is launched in the stores.

Check out our video to get a real look at our day with nutmeg!


  1. What a great event! I adore Morrisons kids clothes, they have some really cute stuff and the quality is amazing. The burgundy pleated skirt is adorable :) xx

  2. Some gorgeous items there and what a perfect little model you have.

  3. The clothing looks lovely and your daughter makes a great model.