Tickled Pink Fancy dress

something I have always loved is dressing up in fancy dress it started as a young child I had so many fancy dress outfits and would wear them more than my normal clothes. Even through my teens on nights out and through my recent adulting years any chance I get I will wear a fancy dress costume.
      So If you follow my social media you would have seen me recently fully embracing the unicorn look, I love anything unicorn and fairytale so this costume from the get go was pretty awesome.

This costume is from the company Tickled pink an online company based in London who was created by two Londoners who are truly passionate about fancy dress, who had struggled in the past to find the perfect costumes, They want to take the struggle out of finding costumes and making it easy and fun!

After my costume was ordered I received a confirmation email confirming all the details of my order and when I should receive it which was the next day, Something I would like to say it that I did have to email the company regarding my costume and I got a reply pretty quick no auto email but a personal email which made me feel like they really do care about there customers and really do try there best. most company's you would be waiting a few days for a reply or stuck on the phone listening to the same songs over and over.

When my costume arrived I was highly surprised at the quality and detail the unicorn costume has. This costume is a onsie style with buttons from the crotch area all the way up to the neck. The costume itself is so soft and comfortable with stretchy cuffed wrists and ankles, It even has a magical horn, main and fluffy tail the horn may I add is always up right it does not flop or fall which i is what expected.   I would stand out in any party wearing this. The thing I love most about this costume is I can casually wear it round the house and rock the unicorn look lounging around the house as its just like a onsie.

This unicorn costume comes in three different colours Blue, Pink and Purple and they all look awesome. They re currently priced at £39.99 and I would say worth every penny. Even if it isn't a uniform costume you are looking for check out tickled pink for other costumes as they have kids and adults sizes in so many different theme's and if this costume is anything to go by they will be great quality just like this one. With super customer service.

Always be yourself... Unless of course you can be a unicorn then always be a Unicorn!

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE that costume! Haha you look awesome! x