Fear of the bath!

Recently from nowhere my children have had a fear of the bath tub! Up until we moved to this house we always just had showers which did make life pretty difficult for us especially me the bath lover!!
I would dread telling the children it was bath time I mean my neighbours must have thought I was murdering them the screams and splashing around when I washed there hair! So I decided enough was enough I couldn't fight anymore so I have been coming up with ways to get my children to bath happily.

So here is Rainbow Bath In the dark,
All you need is

  • Glowsticks
  • A bath tub 
  • Running water 
  • children who want to bath
I brought the glowsticks from our local pound shop there was around 18 in a tube, I only put half of that amount in the bath though so got two bathtimes out of one tube. I told the children I would make them a super special bath if they didn't kick off a bath all there friends would want to hear about.I told them to stay downstairs until the bath was ready even if they did try every excuse in the book to be nosey at what I was doing.

Here was the result
I did then cover with bubbles so it really did look like the bath was just glowing. It looked awesome and both kids jumped right in! I really could have cried a few days before I was being screamed at and being made to feel I was awful and now they were sitting in the bath playing happily! I will continue to try an find fun ways to make the bath less stressful and more a joy!

Do you have any tips for me??


  1. It's difficult to convince children to do anything that they don't want to do, although it looks like you've found a way of tackling it perfectly!

  2. My girls have always loved bath times so I can't imagine how you are feeling. We have always made bath time a fun time, it isn't always about washing their hair. We have bought Bath Crayons (again from the Poundshop) and they have had great fun colouring along the side of the bath. Or bath crackles / fizzes are great fun too!

    Hope they continue to have bath time fun!

  3. This is an amazing idea! I wish I had thought of this when mine were little. A glowing bath, what great fun... Actually I'd like a glowing bath. I also found that bath crayons and foam shapes and letters use to encourage my own children into the bath (peacefully!) And those squirty toys (we had a toy story set I think it was - I could be wrong it was like 6+ years ago now) that squirt water *they don't hold a lot of water which is good* They use to squirt the tiles, which they thought was hilarious for some reason lol

  4. Wow! This is a brilliant idea. My kids never liked have a bath when they were much younger. I got them to take their dollies with them whilst bathing and guess what; they just couldn't wait for bath time.

  5. Sorry to hear about their fears but well done you for being so creative and giving them the opportunity to find bath time fun with the glowstick idea!

  6. Ah mine love a glow stick bath too! in fact they love bath time and always have. We've bathed them all from a really young age and I think it helps. How old are they? Sometimes the tub can seem really big. I'd say keep doing things like this, let them take toys in etc. They should begin to relax, fingers crossed xx

  7. Now that is a genius idea, I do not have kids but I think I would try this if I did. I think my nephew would love it too but he's easy going with bath time (problem is sleep time lol)

  8. This is a great idea - how simple! I am glad they enjoyed it - Pickle has a fear of weeing in the bath, bless him, I have to coax him in! Kaz x

  9. This is a brilliant idea to help get the kids in the bath. My daughter loved baths but hated having her hair washed (she also sounded like she was being murdered when I did it lol) I don't have any other tips other than what's been suggested above and maybe mix it up with something different each bath time

  10. Really needs some creativity for the kids to do certain things. No force but just some experiment and they will surely love it. Perfect idea! :)