An update on my goals

So its currently the 10th of may we are five months into 2016 already and I fell like the year is slipping through my fingers and I feel im loosing grip of it im trying to hold on and tie loose ends together.Finances are currently tight and my head fills like someone has just thrown in a tin of alphabet spaghetti and all the words whizzing around my head are jumbling up.
But today on the 10th of may 2016 is the day I decided I will never let people make me feel small I will hold my head high and I do have people around me who care about me. All I ever do is beat mysef up well nomore!
 New goals are:

  • Be proud of who I am .
  • Be positive 
  • Love those who love me 
  • Keep myself to myself yet be polite 
  • keep pushing myself 

So even though I feel in the dark a little I have good news If you watched my Vlog on the goals I have set myself you will already know some of those goals. One was get mself driving again well  here is lullah psting off for my new provisional licence, Its now here and ready to go on payday!

Another was get into college guess what I got offered a place and one more was volunteer with women who suffer with mental health such as anxiety and depression well my training starts this month!! So things are in motion im jumping on that fast train and tooting the horn. so far im doing ok I  have had a bad day and cried but we all need those days to appreciate the good.


  1. Sound like very sensual goals to me- and totally achievable too. You go for it! xx

  2. Brilliant goals and I'm glad to hear you've started on the driving thing, it's the best thing I ever did

  3. How lovely that you are feeling so positive and your goals are happening. I love how your goals involve helping other people and are not self centred. Toot toot