Update On Nevaeh

So this week we got to attend parents evening, When we arrived we were greeted by a learning journal with a picture of Nevaeh on the front. Its so funny how the picture was taken only a few months ago but how different and grown up she looks in a matter of months.
    Her teacher went on to tell us she is a very bright girl a brilliant reader who is super confident in everything she does,She has lots of friends who are always asking her to make handbags for them which makes me laugh she somehow in her clever little mind she started making handbags out of items she finds at school such as cereal boxes paper and tape.Her teacher went on to tell us they even gave her more lines in the Christmas play because of how much she loved it and how confident and loud she was. Well done Nevaeh! Keep it up mummy and daddy are super proud of you!

   Something Nevaeh really loves is imaginative play she has a wild imagination and really shines when she is putting on a show. They also went on a little school trip the local fire station which Nevaeh really enjoyed, she had so much to tell me when I picked her up from school all about the poles the firefighters get the slide down other things they do such as cutting people out of car accidents and the children even got to have ago on spraying the water hose! These story's really fill me with joy the fact they are learning whilst having fun is brilliant. Nevaeh was even telling me yesterday to check our fire alarms at home. Nevaeh is really enjoying school and its a pleasure to watch her bloom and learn.
Keep blooming like the little flower you are Nevaeh you grace our lives with so much happiness x

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