The Wonderbra review

Something I have always struggled with is Bra's, whether it be not fitting right being uncomfy and we must of all gone through the four boob struggle when the bold men wont just sit correctly in there hammocks! 
   Since having children the thought of going to be measured in a store mortifies me I could not think of anything worse than getting my nakey strechmark body out on show in front of the gorgeous thin underwear sales staff meaning I have always just sort of guessed my size since then in high street shops.I have always walked passed in awe of beautiful underwear but never felt comfortable enough to wear them. 

The Wonderbra have a beautiful range of all different types and styles of bra for you to find a perfect one to suit you. Having a search through the website I come across styles I didn't even know existed such as the Ultimate plunge bra and also the Triangle bra! It was very interesting looking into more high quality bra's. So once you know your size which is easy done at home with a standard tape measure go ahead and pick your bra.

I was sent this beautiful One et Only Push-Up bra from the Exclusive Collection  In black 

The detail on this bra is stunning to me it looks like something you would see on a mermaid with abit of a shell looking detail trimmed with a glitter/silver lace. This bra is a push up support to give you that full sexier look and feeling it has Graphic patterns with 3 thin straps, extending from each cup to give it a unique look.
   Putting this bra on really did make me feel comfortable and honestly gave me a little confidence boost I paired it with just a black pair of lace briefs it is the first time since loosing weight I have wore a lovely set of underwear and braved the mirror. It really made me feel good about myself and I had never realised how much my ugly underwear made me look frumpy and made me feel unhappy about my body. 
                                       *Photo of the bra featured on the website on model*

This bra is priced at £36.00 is is one of the bras at the higher end of the price range with Wonderbra there are many priced lower than this to fit ladies budgets. I found I was buying cheap bras every so many weeks due to them breaking or being uncomfortable. I have learnt that if I pay a little more I will be investing in a bra that is more likely to last a lot longer and give me a little confidence boost it is so worth it. 

The right bra can change your world in an instant." -Laurie Van Brunt

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