Paint and Play ponies set :Review

Paint And Play ponies from Interplay is suited for ages between 4-7, So with Nevaeh being five she is a perfect age for this kind of craft.
 In the paint and play ponies you receive
 *2 x Ponies
*2 x saddles, Bridles & Reins
*5 x Pot of paint
*1 x Paintbrush
*1 x printed card stable
 * Instructions

 So everything you need to set up your very own pony stable. The stable its self was maybe a little fiddly for Nevaeh to do alone so we mastered that together. All items including ponies are free standing and all stand very well, we have had crafts previously with free standing items that just fall over and are pretty naff but these items all stand very strong.

 With all our table covered and stable set up we were ready to paint the ponies Nevaehs favourite bit, Nevaeh spent some time painting her pony even if it it all different colours, She says this is fine because its a beautiful magic fairy pony. I found the craft set educational to because I found my self teaching Nevaeh the real names of a ponies body such as instead of feet I told her they were horse hoof's We both enjoyed doing this craft it can get a little messy but that is part of all the fun!

 Once both ponies were painted and dried we had fun playing with them running round the house galloping don't worry this isn't part of the instructions but it is really good fun. Over all myself and Nevaeh enjoyed the craft the only down side I would like to point out is you only get one tiny paint brush, I think two would be more appropriate for this craft maybe so two children could enjoy or an adult. The craft is RRP £7.99 and be purchased From the interplay website itself or any leading toy store.

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