Monty Bojangles Easter eggs

The only time of the year I will eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner and not feel one bit guilty is Easter Sunday.Easter eggs seem to come in all different shapes and size's I used to think eggs were more for children but Monty Bojangles have created a beautiful luxury range of Easter eggs that suit adults perfectly the box's have beautiful designs and really do stand out from all the other eggs you would usually see on the shelf. Usually I buy eggs the kids like and end up sharing which secretly I hate. These are more of an adults taste which means I have claimed them for myself and Joshua and we won't be sharing! 

The truffle egg collection
With four scrummy flavours; Choccy scoffy,Flutter scotch,Berry bubbly and scrumple nutty there is a unique egg for everybody. Each egg also comes with a bundle of coca dusted truffles.

The truffle brand have launched their new Taste of adventure egg  which includes a large milk chocolate egg and eight individually flow-wrapped truffles. For something a little smaller, Monty Bojangles also has the Truffle Egg Collection.

The monty bojangles range of Easter eggs are available to purchase from Morrisons and Waitrose rrp£8

*I have been sent the Monty Bojangles Truffle egg collection in return for a post*

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