Valentines Day Fantasy Box! **18+ Post!**

The fantasy box is a subscription box for Adult couples to enjoy together,
The box you will receive once a month or every other month which is totally up to you, I was sent an introduction box the introduction box is all about getting to know each other better and if you feel comfortable to go on and experiment.

Lets face it when children come along or the honeymoon period is over things can sort of erm... Dry up.I think its so important to talk to each other about what you both enjoy and like in all aspects of enjoying each other bodies, So take the dive and get things flowing again.

Here is a video explaining everything you get in the box, 

This box is priced from £55 pound, When the box was delivered I noticed it come in a totally plain brown box with nothing to state it was from fantasy box, so your delivery driver would have no clue of the insides which I think is great as allot of people wouldn't like the thought of the postie knowing what they are getting up to.

The introduction box is based around a date nght that takes a 'sexy' turn, You both have a role to take a leader and a follower it is up to the couple to decide which they would like to be. Have dinner relax and let the fun begin. Valentines is the perfect time to introduce something sexy into your life

The fantasy  box is available in USA && UK has a very quick delivery time. There are a full range of boxes and items you can buy from the WEBSITE 

Over all I would give this box the thumbs up! I was surprised at how good the quality is of the items for the price and I really would recommend it.

I was sent a fantasy box in return for a review all opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks Leonii for the great review! We at the Fantasy Box would love to offer all your readers 20% off with the code 'sharethelove' - thank you again for sharing!