Today I am smiling because..

So today is just a mega awesome day, For months now I have been in fear of this day some nights I wouldnt sleep thinking about the what if's?
               It started last summer when my little lullah was running around my Nan's garden stripped to to a nappy enjoying the sunshine and watering the flowers all was great until we noticed something different about Lullahs little chest. The left breast (if thats what you call it shes only Two) was very swollen and purple feeling it, It had a lump underneath instantly I thought maybe she had been stung or bitten by something. It wasnt causing her any discomfort so didn't really worry to much and left it, This was until a few months later and Lullah was crying in pain with this lump.Of we went to the drs who basiclly fobbed us off and said its fine its ust a breast bud. Right ok a pondered a few weeks with her still saying it hurt and went back for a second opinion.
This dr seemed a little bit more concerned and had her reffered to the hospital for a specilist, He had to tell me things it culd be this is where I could have thrown up my own heart. In most cases it could be a hormone inbalance which is causing the nipple to swell the list went on and he then said the chances of it being Cancer are as little as 2%
Hold on wait excuse me what?!?! CANCER. I know it was a very slim chance but just those words were enough to make me feel pyshically sick.
 Between then and now was christmas, And im not even going to get into the mess up off three appointments which was a total nightmare!!
So today we went along to the hospital with a knot in my stomach close to tears full with dread and worry. Lullah being her usual self had the dr laughing and smiling she checked her over and had a feel around, she stated it has been seen before in children her age and is more chance to be hormones, which I could have passed breastfeeding, They just want to see her in 6 months to check she is gowing ok and wont go through any early puberty trates.

So I am so over the moon all that dread and worry for everything to be ok. I am so proud at how brave she was being prodded and poked, I am so thankfull she is ok, But I can not help but think about those children who are really poorly with life changing illness's. Seeing other children there who were having mri scans and needles for all sorts of things really broke my heart.

If you are reading this and you do have a poorly child I send you Love and strength <3

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