The most frustrating battle I have had since Vay started school is point blank school shoes.This year I brought her school shoes from supermarket which claimed they were ‘scratch proof’ Well within the first day of Vay being at school the whole front of the shoe was pretty much scrapped off. I have no idea what this child does at school, Vay claimed it happened whilst being chased by pirates Oh right well that explains it then! Because of this reason with Vay being so rough footed I would refuse to pay for a more expensive pair of shoes as I assumed they would just be wrecked in the same way you know by the pirates….
I was given the chance by Brantano Footwear to choose a pair for Vay to test out so off I went searching the website, The website Is so easy to use and has a full range of different styles so will be something to suit everybody It also has a good variety of brands to choose from such as clarks and hush puppies good quality shoes. All the supermarket shoes I had previously brought Vay she was either a size 8 or 9 so I first ordered a 8.5 pair of clarks shoe thinking great they will be perfect. The order was put in and within Two days they arrived Hay! But uh ohhhh they did not fit. So I got in contact with Brantano who were nothing but helpful I was advised that a shop local to me supply’s a collection service where I could pack the shoes up then just drop them off and they would be returned. This was ace as the shop is pretty much in my street so convenient, I was a little confused trying to work out what size to get for the next pair so instead of getting it major wrong again off we went to clarks to have vays feet measured, Brantano also provide an instore feet measuring service for free. Vay really loved the experience and the staff were brilliant, So it was a size 10 Vay needed on her little feet so off I went and searched the website again to find these beautiful buckle patient clarks shoes called purley go they have a old vintage look,I fell in love with them pretty much straight away they will look awesome in the summer with white socks,The order went in again Two days later they appeared we tried them on and hoorayy they fit.

The shoes themselves have a thick soul so wont be wearing down anytime soon, They are a very strong sturdy shoe Vay is such an accident prone so they have been protecting her little feet really well.I was a little worried it being a T bar buckle shoe but we have conquered that and Vay is now a pro. We have had these shoes on for a little over a week now and we do not have one scratch on them! Must be way to tough for those pirates eh? The price off the shoes £36 it not something I would normally pay for school shoes but I have really learnt my lesson these shoes are so much better than supermarket shoes in everyway its so worth paying a little extra rather than buying a new cheaper pair every term, And having to polish them everyday I just give this a little wipe over with water and they are perfect.From now on I will be investing Everyear without fail!
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Vays thoughts on her shoes: I love these new shoes because they are so shiny, I shoed my teacher and she told me they look smart and posh, Oh and they are comfy
Here is a link to Brantano school shoes website for you to have a look at all the great school shoes they offer
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