The magic tooth fairy Game,Review and Competition

Having two young children there is nothing I love more than playing a good board game. Now Nevaeh is five she is more capable to play and it really is alot of fun… unless she looses!  She can be a bit  of a sore loser, she definitely gets that trait from her dad *snigger's*

So this afternoon it was the Magic Tooth Fairy game from Drumond Park.This game is for two-four players and the suggested age of play is 5+ So little Lullah was on my team. The rules of the game are really simple so made it very easy for Nevaeh to understand.

Each player gets a mouth with four removable teeth and a little figure to move around the board.  There is no starting position and no finish line - the game will only finish when the first player has swapped all their teeth for shiny gold coins! Sounds really easy right? Well with the spinner and the roll of the dice to determine whether you get to pull your tooth and place it under the pillowthe fun can go on for a while! (we were playing for around 30 minutes!)

The landing spots on the board are:

Wobbly Tooth: which means you then have to roll the dice.  If you roll an image with a blue background you get to pulling that tooth You place it in your back pack! If you roll an image with an orange background I’m sorry but your turn is over, and it’s the next players go!
Go to bed: If you have a tooth in your back pack this could be the point you get to put it under the pillow and swap it for a coin - Yay! But first you must spin the arrow and if you spin a number one, I'm sorry but you forgot your tooth silly - and your turn is over. If you spin a 2,3,4 you will then get to claim your coin!
Spin again: you get another turn at spinning the dial

Nevaeh seemed to be on a lucky streak and kept landing on Wobbly Tooth andGo to Bed.  She went all the way and won the game without much help from me and Joshua. It was really enjoyable as this seems to be the first game she has fully understood and been able to play by herself. I sadly came last but I did enjoy watching Nevaeh win!

The game itself is built and designed very well except maybe the 'Magic FairyWand' we found if you push it too hard it shoots out, which did make the girls giggle.

The classic Magic Tooth Fairy board game is priced £19.99 (rrp) and available from many stores.  To check where you can get your game from visit the website

Do you fancy a chance of winning this board game?  See below on how to enter to win... Good luck

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