Show The furry little love in your life a happy valentines day.

Meowing heads And barking heads are a company which was started by three animal loving friends who had worked together in a pet food company which were brought out. They decided to start there own company and put all there knowledge and passion into making perfect pet food.
                 My furry little princess Elsa can be very fussy with food and will turn her nose up at allot of cat foods Meowing heads sent Elsa a small selection of cat food for Elsa to try.

Elsa loved the cat food and would rush to her bowl in the morning for feeding breakfast.

Meowing heads and Barking heads have a full range of different foods and treats for pets, the prices start from £7.00 And have a variety of different flavours with main ingredients such as Salmon chicken and turkey. You can see the whole range at the website if you have a pet you love with all your heart why not show them on valentines day with some high quality delicious food packed with goodness. This food is recommended buy vets and are 100% natural so perfect for your Kitty's insides.

If my fussy little princess will eat it, It must taste great well if its fit for a princess it will be fit for a tom cat ;)

This post was written by myself in return for products to review. All comments of my honest opinion

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