Making little stamps at home

Being stuck in that rut of renting you are limited in most places of what you are able to do to the house. I currently really dislike my home most of it is old fashioned and abit gloomy, I have decided instead of trying to make massive changes in the home to just make the best out of a bad situation. Just making little tweaks rather than major differences,

This week I have picked up mine and Joshuas initials on pillows and added them to our bed. This is just a little change but really does make my bed look different they are bold and stand out perfectly.

The pillows were from my local Asda living and only priced at £5.00 each! I thought they were a brilliant quirky little item for the price. I do have to admit I really do love Asda's home wear it is really number one on my list, The quality for the price is brilliant, modern and looks stunning.

 If you havn't checked out Asda's homewear section it really is worth a look. I love these pillows and are personally suited to anyone!

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