Make up is a gift sent from god!

I have been a little quiet so let me quickly give you a low down of whats been going on and where I have been!
If you follow me on instagram you will already know I have been ever so poorly.It started with a really icky cold which can make anyone feel like poop its left me with a massive dry patch around my nose and chapped lips. This isn't nice but very cope able at some point last week I woke up with horrendous tooth ache I did try and just ignore this what only I can describe as like someone punching me over and over in my mouth but after the third day I had enough and ended up at the dentist who made me aware I have a wisdom tooth growing the incorrect way and its caused it to get infected I know right ouch! Anyway it was a happy moment because I was prescribed AntiBiotics which would make this feeling disappear woohoooo Or so I thought. Tuesday I woke up with the most itchiest hands and feet ever I felt like I was going to soon itch so much my skin would come away. So of course I stopped the antibiotics. I presumed the itching would stop and I would be fine .. Boy was I wrong I woke up this morning with swollen hands feet ankles lips and tongue ahhhhhh this was not OK the pain In my feet is something I have never felt before I had to go downstairs on my bum and wear my slipper to my emergency GP appointment!

  I'm recovering slowly now from my 6 tablets I will be taking a day hopefully I will be back to normal soon. Feeling like this has left me not wearing any make up. I must have looked like the scruffiest mum on the school run the last week but I honestly didn't care the pain overtook my whole emotion.

So today I thought it was time to try out my new bits and bobs I picked up from boots. I mean surely I really am deserving of a little pamper with how I have been these last few weeks?

Currently at boots Rimmel make up is two for £10.00 Which is a bargain, I did also pick up a foundation which inst pictured here. I look a little time doing my make up with these, I am sick of Joshua coming home from work and looking like death warmed up. So this is my little transformation this afternoon.

It isn't the best but I would say I look allot healthier then the before. This real Techniques sponge is utterly brilliant. I have been using a flat brush to apply my foundation and I am utterly sold for the sponge I will using this from now the foundation just glided across my face being applied with this sponge. It is a funny shape but for major reasons the flat side at the top is for applying the foundation to cheeks and round the eyes, The shape of the sponge makes it so easy to get in around the eyes and nose, The point on the opposite side is for covering blemishes with concealer. There are many sponges onthe market but this has sold me for £5.99.

I will shortly add a youtube video of me applying using the sponge so keep a look out!

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