'Amanda' By Joan Collins

The Joan Collins lipstick 'Amanda' Is a beautiful rich colour I would say a Mulled wine colour. Which in the Autumn and Winter is a perfect shade to match any outfit that you pick from the wardrobe. The colour really gives your lips a healthy fuller look.
The lipstick in its self is fully hydrating to keep lips looking great and feeling soft without being to heavy and sliding off. When I first applied the lipstick its was so easy to apply and so glossy.

After a few hours the gloss did fade but the colour stayed which is a must with lipstick you want that colour to last and not be caught short with patchy lips we all know that looks terrible. I left it on just to see how it would fade off and forgot about it. Woke up the next day and their it was still in all its glory. Sure it did not look perfect but the colour was still distinctive and could well be seen.

With the creator being Joan Collins I wouldn't expect anything less but for the product to ooze glamour. That is exactly what it does the product and packaging in its self has so much detail the beautiful lipstick is surrounded by a gleaming gold case with the letter JC engraved into the lid. This lipstick has to be the most luxurious and glamorous lipstick I own. I can see any lipstick lover being thrilled with this product. 'Amanda' Also come in a duo set with a pressed powder the lipstick has its own little compartment in the powder case so it fits perfectly. On the inside the case is a mirror so once you pop this little case in your handbag you will not be caught short or fiddling around in a make up bag trying to find your favourite lipstick or trying to do your lippy in the reflection of your phone screen( we have all been there).

Over all this product would be perfect for any lady who wants to add a bit of glamour to there life.


  1. Perfect colour! Love it. x
    Zoe Beau. x

  2. I love a good lipstick especially red this looks fab

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